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We are ready to elaborate a new product that has no analogues on the Russian market for you.

«Yamal Product» line is a subtle combination of a quality and taste for people who love themselves.

Country: Russia

Region: Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Mailing address: 629007, Russia, Yamalo-Nenets AO, Salekhard, Lenina Street, 2b 


« Yamal product»  is a company based on OOO « Salekhardsky combinat» specializing in deep processing of delicacy fish caught in ecologically clean basins of Siberian Rivers: Ob, Polyi, etc.

Our activities: fish wholesale, fishing companies: production of fish and seafood, fish factories, fish processors.

Types of products: fish, seafood, fresh frozen, frozen fish/seafood, alive fish/seafood, stockfish, dried fish/seafood, preserves made from fish/seafood, conserves made from fish/seafood, semi-finished products made from fish/seafood, cooked fish/seafood

Products and services: a wide range of fish products: fish conserves, cold smoking production, dried and spicy fish, fresh frozen fish. 

Tel: +7(34922) 4-19-58


Tel: +7(34922) 4-19-58

Fax: +7(34922) 4-43-75

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