About our production

«Yamal Product» product range has no analogues on the Russian market and it is aimed at northern delicacy fish connoisseurs. It is important to notice that modern market is oversaturated with fish products and it happens that consumers can’t see any difference between them.  Our advantage is:

  1. All the «Yamal Product» product line is made in a strict accordance with GOST, without the addition of chemicals and GMOs.
  2. We use only fish grown in a natural environment, caught in a wild ecologically clean region of the far north.
  3. We carefully control the quality of the production in our own laboratory
  4. We don’t freeze the fish we use. That is why you can be sure about the high quality and excellent flavor characteristics of our products.
  5. Our products are weekly delivering by the plane from Salekhard.

«Yamal Product» product range consists of two segments.

«Siberya» products made from Northern whitefish is a real delicacy from Russia. It is a pride and signature of Yamal, emphasizing its beauty and traditions. All the products of this segment are made from the cooled fish.

«Yamal legend» products are intended to be consumed in your daily diet and possess the qualities of the more expensive segments.

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