The dreamland, named «Siberiya» is located in Northern endless expanses. It is well known for its wonderful air and pure water. All the traditions are faithfully handed down through each generation. Delicacy Northern fish lives in the rivers of this country. The locals cook this fish under the ancient unique recipes. Thanks to the skilled hands of local masters and old recipes, we can enjoy a real masterpiece of fish cuisine nowadays. Local fish is known all over the world.

-         «Siberya» - is a brand mark of «Yamal Product» - one of the biggest food producers in Russia

-         «Siberya» - Fish delicacy products from Russian North

-         «Siberya» - is the highest quality standard

-         «Siberya» - elite, deluxe class expensive piece goods

-         «Siberya» - is a signature of Yamal, emphasizing its beauty and traditions.

-         «Siberya» - vastness, virgin nature, crystal clear rivers and lakes full of fish

-         «Siberya» - is a brand, expanding the oldest Russian region borders. It is loved and recognizable in many countries

-         «Siberya» - is a dignity and nobility!

-         «Siberya» - Pride of the country and a new level of Russian product 

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