Legends of the Yamal

Northern people live far away from a «big earth». There is an old legend telling that in Northern Rivers you can find a lot of fabulously tasty fish but in very small amounts. And all the dishes cooked using this fish are really delicious.

All these recipes were kept in a strict secret but people who came from the              « big earth» wanted to try it. And then the fish seller came to an old man and enjoyed this «secret» fish dish. So they made a big deal .Thanks to this seller today we can try this wonderful fish from Yamal Rivers.

-         « Legends of the Yamal»   is the best product from Yamal. The recipe of this product passed down from generations to generations as a real treasure.

-         « Legends of the Yamal» is a trend mark belonging to the biggest Russian food producer.

-         « Legends of the Yamal»  is ecologically clean product , what is really precious today.

-         « Legends of the Yamal» is a favorite product at an affordable price.

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