Salekhard fish canning factory «Yamal» is famous for its fish resources. Starting from the 16-th century famous Siberian white salmon has been delivering to Moscow.

Fishery is a traditional economic sector for a region’s native population that takes an industrial importance in the development of food industry of region since the region was founded. Obdorsk fish canning factory, producing 3, 5 million cans per year was founded in July, 1930. More than 80 years passed since the council of people’s commissars decided to start the developing and using of Ob basin’s wealth fish reserve. The first head of the plant’s constructing was Ivan Kokhelnic who laid the factory’s foundation just in one year.

Metal jar and canning corps, fish pier, lab, power station, and steam boiler plant – all these was founded in 1935. 935,000 cans were produced also in 1935. The first director of the plant was Arkhipov Sergey. The commissioning of the first industrial enterprise had a big economic and social importance that entailed the development of Yamal region.

Canning and recycling production was developing year by year. The power of steam boiler plant, freezing and refrigerating establishment was constantly increasing.

Four million of cans were produced in 1936.

 The best prewar Stakhanovites.

Rusakova F., Kovalev Ch., Svetlolubova V., Chorenskaya M., Kolesnikova A., Motaev I., Frash O.,Chikirdina A., Motaeva P., Abakymova A.

Starting from the first year of production northern conserves have had an export value. The first production supplies were more than hundred

Thousands cans. Basically only the valuable species of fish were processed. Fish canning plant took part in the World Fish production exhibition in New York (1939), where « Natural Siberian white fish» conserves were awarded with a golden medal.

War years

The plant was working in emergency mode and increased the production by 200% during the war. These years the vast majority of employees were children and women. More than 200 male workers of Salekhard fish canning plant were enlisted in the red army. Despite this situation the plant was showing an example of selfless work. As an example, machine workers: Volokhova A., Plekhanova V., Veresova A., packers: Bisina E. and many other workers increased the production norm by 200%. All the plant’s workers were mobilized on the labor feat by the Party organization headed by the secretary Vasiliy Gerasimov and 35 communists.

After the war the plant stepped up the production output.

From 1949 to 1955 the head engineer of the plant was Georgiy Montary

Montanagri Georgiy suggested to increase the power station capacity, set the smoking oven and new mechanics fire roasting oven. (These actions helped to increase twice the cans output).


A lot of work was made during the reign of the director Pervushin P. (1968-1976). The first design office headed by Sadovnikov P. was founded these years. The enterprise rearmed, the manufactory and technological lines were reconstructed. New 1200-tone refrigerators and four machinery freezers were established, new salting-smoking plant with automated smoking machines, caviar department with special freezers for sturgeon and white salmon were built and the line for fish balls production was mechanized. 

During the seventies a new experimental group was created. The main goal of the team was to create a new product and to develop the technologies.

From five to ten kinds of new products were created and inculcated annually by this team.

Products like  « Natural swordfish», « Swordfish smoked in oil»,

White fish’s caviar « Severyanka», sturgeon caviar pasteurized in glass jars, canned white fish, etc. were elaborated and put into operation. 

According to the level of technical equipment the plant changed totally, moved to the first place among the fish producers and became the gourmet gild of the country during these years. The working conditions improved: 300 comfortable apartments, new dormitory, kindergarten, clinic and two shops were built. The production was exported to England, Germany, Poland, Check Republic and Mongolia. 


The enterprise became a joint-stock company in 1991. The plan was to extract 8 tons of silver till 2000 but these expectations could not be met. The production process stopped (winter 2000) because of the lack of tin and primary products. Fish cannery production became unprofitable. Because of the lack of government support in a difficult economy situation the company became uncompetitive. The company has been declared bankrupt and stopped its activity in 2001.

Following the decision of the regional Yamal development fund and agro-industrial Yamalo-Nenets region complex development department, the construction of a new, modern fish processing plant in Salekhard has started in July, 2014. It is located on the north-western part of the West Siberian Plain near the Polar Ural, on the right shore of «Ob» river at the mouth of the «Polyi» river, 2436 km away from Moscow.

The major upgrade of the plant started in July, 2004.

A new industrial complex was built near the riverbank, what is really convenient for the fishing boats.

Starting from 2013 the oldest Yamal’s enterprise (Salekhard fish canning plant) has a new owner. “Delovoy Dom na Arhiereyskoy” located in Ekaterinburg became a new owner of the plant. The main reason it is the unprofitability of the plant and lack of the sufficient funds for the development and modernization of the company.

You can find different conserves (up to 3 million cans per year), famous northern fish - stockfish, salted and smoked fish, semi-finished fish products in the assortment of our products. Experts note that old recipes of fish cooking are used in alliance with new technologies in producing process.

 Salekhard plant is a proud and support of Russian north!

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