Our values

The main value of the company is to save the unique traditions of fish cooking and to give our consumers all the best of northern delicacy fish, cooked following recipes that are rarely used by industries.

Company’s values

  • High quality and product safety

« Yamal product» works with less than five suppliers. Each delivery is carefully tested in our own laboratory.

All our products are made without the addition of chemicals in a strict accordance with GOST.

Customer orientation

We take into consideration all the needs of each customer we have that is why we have more than 100 items of fish delicacy products in our assortment.

Each employee of our company has to be trained and evaluated annually. That allows us to talk about the high quality of our products.

  • Innovativeness

Post-industrial society is a world of constantly changing technologies.

We try to use only new methods and abilities due to what the edibility and quality of our products is constantly developing.

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