About the company

 «Yamal Product» is the biggest enterprise specializing  in deep processing of fish in the North Russia.

 The enterprise is located in Salekhard city- the only  city on the planet, located at the latitude of the Arctic  Circle.

 The activity of the company is specialized in the  production and realization of white fish species.

 Pike, burbot, ruff products are also prepared and  cooked following a special recipe. .

 Our company can be rightly called « Yamal’s fish  brand». The company that saved all the old traditions of fish cannery but at the same time equipped with the last European standards is a real pride of the region.

The main goal of the company is to produce high - quality products and to increase our product range constantly.

«Yamal product» has certain quotas with special exclusive terms and works with not more than five suppliers. «Yamal Product» product range is pretty unique in the Russian market. It is aimed at northern delicacy fish connoisseurs.

Our company is more than 80 years old and it is still using lots of original recipes that Siberian craftsmen used to cook fish delicacy dishes for years. The assortment of fish, grown in wild environment is a subtle combination of quality, modernity and traditions.

Production capacity of the plant allows us to process more than 3000 tons of the raw material and canned products annually.

The company has been annually awarded with honors.

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